Bin Collection Changes

Message sent on behalf of Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services

Dear Chairman / Clerk

As you know we’ve been consulting residents on possible changes to bin collections next year.  We’ve had a huge response to this consultation with over 15,000 people taking part.

The feedback from the consultation has really helped us to develop a future strategy for the service.  Residents were overwhelmingly in favour of recycling more and the majority also supported making savings in the service. Therefore, our primary objectives are to: 

  1. drive up recycling rates by making it as easy as possible for our residents to recycle;
  2. give our customers a consistent service; and
  3. deliver best value to our rate payers.

The following recommendations being put forward to Executive are designed to help deliver these objectives:

  1. Weekly food waste collection for everyone.
  1. Maintaining free garden waste collection as this was the least popular of the options with residents. However, we will offer residents the choice of a bin or reusable bags where possible as many of them wanted this flexibility.
  1. Possible separate glass collection in the future. The majority of residents wanted this new service.  However, the government has recently announced a new national Deposit Return Scheme for drink containers made from plastic, glass and metal. Clearly, this could impact on the frequency required for kerbside collection of glass and possibly eliminate the need for it completely. Therefore, we will build flexibility into the new contract to enable us to introduce this when we know more about the impact of this new scheme.
  1. In terms of three-weekly black bin collections we know residents had some concerns about how they would manage this at the moment. We’ve listened to this and are therefore proposing to move to three-weekly collections in the longer term. In the meantime, we will work with residents to help them recycle as much as possible, and the new services we are proposing to introduce should help with this. This will, of course, reduce the amount of waste going into residents’ black bins. So, in the future we can move to a three-weekly collection more easily, which in turn will save money.

The papers for Executive, including the consultation results, are now published on the website.


If Executive agree these changes, the new contract will start in the Autumn 2019.

Kind regards


Cllr Budge Wells

Deputy Executive Member for Community Services