Park Farm Development


 Westoning Parish Council - response to Planning Application CB/17/04959/OUT - Park Farm


Westoning Parish Council objects to the above application and urges Central Bedfordshire Council to refuse the application on the following grounds:


1.       A development of this scale should be considered through the Local Planning Process and not
means of a speculative application.

2.      A large part of the application site lies within Flood Zones 2 and 3 and therefore should not 
         be considered suitable for development due to the adverse impact that development on this
         land would have on the rear gardens of the nearby properties.

3.      The site lies within the South Bedfordshire Permanent Green Belt and therefore a development of
         this nature is contrary to CBC Policy SP3 in the emerging Local Plan and NPPF and NPPG as no
         “very special circumstances” have been advanced in support of the application.

4.       The openness of the Green Belt would NOT BE PRESERVED by this proposed inappropriate
          development and therefore would be contrary to NPPF Para 89. Ref: High Court judgement R
          (Boot) v Elmbridge Borough Council (2017).

5.       The application includes proposed ‘community benefits’ that do not accord with the identified
          needs of the village due to inappropriate location, poor accessibility and limited capacity proposed
          by the application.

6.       The application includes proposed ‘community benefits’ that could be prejudicial to the ongoing
          viability of existing village facilities as Westoning is too small to support two ‘general stores’.

7.       The proposed access to the site is at a point where there would be restricted visibility to the south.

8.       The proposed inclusion of a burial ground is unlikely to be feasible due to the site being so close
          to a Flood Zone and the waterlogged nature of the land.

9.       The main sewer serving Westoning is old and of limited capacity and may not be able to cope with
          the impact of this proposed development.

10.     The proposed access would result in a dangerous junction with the A5120 for traffic exiting the
          site. To provide safe access to and egress from this site would require a full roundabout and there
          is insufficient space for one to be constructed.

11.     The noise generated by traffic braking, accelerating and turning into and out of this site would
          result in significantly increased noise levels for neighbouring properties.

12.     The A5120 has circa 20,000 vehicle movements per day and additional vehicle movements at this
          point would be likely to exacerbate the traffic queues through the village.






Westoning Parish Council convened a public meeting on 14 November 2017, specifically to consider this application, which was attended by 106 residents. The views expressed in the above objection were endorsed by those attending the meeting unanimously.